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About the Institute

Institute of Biophysics in Ljubljana is a leading research laboratory for experimental and theoretical biophysics in Slovenia. Our research spans from biophysics of lipid membranes and living cells to physics of complex fluids and microfluidics. Our interdisciplinary team consists of experimental and theoretical physicists as well as a cell biologist. The Institute’s research infrastructure comprises a range of optical microscopes (confocal, EPI-fluorescence, polarizing), optical tweezers, cell laboratory and a laboratory for microfluidics.


Researcher’s Night: Pogled v mikro-svet (in Slovenian)

The research at the Institute is supported by the Slovenian Research Agency grant P1-0055 “Biophysics of polymers, membranes, gels, colloids and cells.”

Institute of Biophysics
Faculty of Medicine
University of Ljubljana
Vrazov trg 2
1000 Ljubljana